Health Benefits of the Dead Sea

Over the years, the regions bordering the Dead Sea have become a major center for health research and treatment thanks to the unique benefits of the Dead Sea Salt.

The high mineral content of the water, the very low content of pollens and other allergens in the atmosphere, the reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation, and the higher atmospheric pressure in the area of the Dead Sea each have specific health effects.

For instance, people experiencing respiratory problems from diseases such as cystic fibrosis seem to benefit from the increased atmospheric pressure, according to a study by the Dead Sea Research Center.

Futhermore, several types of therapies are now available thanks to the benefits of the Dead Sea:

Climatotherapy at the Dead Sea is an effective therapy for patients with psoriasis, who benefit from sunbathing for long periods in the area due to its position below sea level and subsequent result that many of the sun’s harmful UV rays are reduced.

Treatment that exploits the biological effects of the sun’s radiation

Treatment that exploits bathing in Dead Sea water

Treatment for rhinosinusitis:
Rhinosinusitis patients receiving Dead Sea saline nasal irrigation exhibited significantly better symptom relief compared to standard hypertonic saline spray.