Pharmacies in Lebanon

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Why are C-Products sold exclusively in Pharmacies in Lebanon?
C-Products’ retail line is composed of natural therapeutic products extracted from the Dead Sea.

Unlike conventional salts, creams or oils, our products have been carefully formulated in order to benefit one’s well being and health.

This is why C-Products are considered therapeutic and not regular cosmetic products, and they are sold in select pharmacies around Lebanon.

Which pharmacies sell C-Products?
Check out the map to discover which pharmacies currently sell C-Products. Click on the green icon to find out the name of the Pharmacy and its exact address.

We are expanding throughout pharmacies in Lebanon every day and the map will be updated accordingly every week.

I own a Pharmacy, can I sell C-Products?
If you are the owner of a Pharmacy, you may call us or send us an email, and a sales representative will immediately make arrangements to introduce you to our retail line.